Omega Naturals

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Omega Naturals is the brainchild of horse lover and equine professional Kate Deegan.

Kate has successfully ridden all types of horses and produced many winning race horses. She’s also worked for world-leading, equine nutrition and supplement companies.

Kate founded Omega Naturals in 2021, with the aim of not only producing the best Omega supplement for horses and ponies, but one made from a sustainable, natural and renewable source.

The importance of including Omegas in the human diet is well documented. There has also been much published scientific research about the benefits of Omegas for horses.

With her passion for horse health, wellbeing and performance, plus her real understanding of equine nutrition, Kate wanted to formulate a product rich in the most desired Omega 3s - EPA and DHA.

Until now, that was only possible by adding fish oil containing both EPA and DHA to horse feed ingredients. 

Kate’s goal to produce an Omega supplement without any fish oil drove extensive research and a global hunt for the perfect ingredient. 

Finally she found it in 'Algal Oil' made from sustainably-farmed, marine algae.

Using the latest patented technology to provide a rich source of both EPA and DHA, Algal Oil is not only 100% sustainable and plant-based, most importantly it is palatable with no fishy odour and actually contains more EPA and DHA than fish.

From this discovery, the all new Omega supplement PRIMEFORM was created.

Expertly developed in Ireland by adding Algal Oil to the finest cold-pressed Linseed oil, this custom blend ensures that significant amounts of both Omega 3's, EPA and DHA are readily available to the horse.

By giving your horse Omega Naturals PRIMEFORM you will know the exact amount of Omega 3's EPA and DHA they are receiving daily.

We hope you and your horse enjoy the benefits!

Kate lives in Ireland with her husband and two teenage boys. She grew up on a dairy farm in West Sussex and has spent time working with horses around the world. She still enjoys competing and walking her Hungarian Vizsla in her spare time.


We couldn't be more pleased, the product is fantastic!

Easy to use, the pump fits nicely and dispenses 60mls with two downward pumps