Healthy & Thriving Omega Supplement for Horses

The all-new plant-based Omega supplement PRIMEFORM by Omega Naturals has been especially developed for all types of horses from the pleasure horse to the racehorse.

This omega supplement is developed in Ireland and bottled for Omega Naturals in a UFAS / BETA NOPS Accredited Facility.

Naturally better for your horse and our planet.

How to Use Omega Naturals PRIMEFORM?

PRIMEFORM is a complementary feed supplement that can be added to the daily feed ration.

All Horses:

Feed 60 mls per day for maintenance.

Ponies and Youngstock

Feed 30 mls per day

2L contains 33 doses at 60 mls per day.
5L contains 83 doses at 60mls per day
Dispensing pump available, pump dispenses 30 mls per dose.

Feed can be increased when additional support is required, talk to your Equine Nutritionist or Veterinary surgeon.

Ensure the longevity of your Omega Naturals PRIMEFORM supplement by storing it in a cool, dry place. Remember to keep it out of the reach of children to maintain its quality and safety. Your equine companions deserve the best, and Omega Naturals PRIMEFORM is designed to provide them with the essential Omega fatty acids they need for optimal health.

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Analytical Constituents

Crude Fat
Crude Protein
< 0.1 %
Crude Fibre
< 0.1 %
Crude Ash
< 0.1 %
<0.1 %

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